Sunday, March 11, 2012

"QUEEN MARY" the World's favourite Transatlantic Liner

R.M.S. "QUEEN MARY" was built and engined in 1936 by JOHN BROWN & CO at Clydebank, she was 81.237 GRT, her steam turbines had a total power of 160.000 s.h.p. which gave the ship a cruising speed of 28.5 knots, when she was launched she was a symbol of the end of the Depression that threatened her very own completion. QUEEN MARY sailed from Southampton on her maiden voyage on the 27th of May 1936
In August of 1938 having alternated for two years with the FRENCH LINE S.S. "NORMANDIE" as holder of the "Blue Riband", she emerged as the undisputed holder with an average speed of 30.99 knots westbound and 31.69 knots for the eastbound crossing, this was never to be challenged until the S.S. "UNITED STATES" came into service
Known as the "Grey Ghost" during WWII she transported over 800.000 allied soldiers as a troopship, it has been said that she and her sister ship the "QUEEN ELIZABETH" shortened the war for at least one year.

"QUEEN MARY" crossed the North Atlantic over 1000 times hosting the Political and Social elite from two Continents offering comfort and safety for all her passengers depending on the class they were travelling, she and "QUEEN ELIZABETH" constituted after the end of the WWII the ultimate in size, speed and luxury, they represented the spirit of an era that was characterized by elegance and style.
In 1967 "QUEEN MARY" was sold to an American Company which has berthed the ship at Long Beach as a Tourist attraction, Museum and Hotel, she remains there as a tribute to the shipyard that gave her form, to the company that gave her purpose and to all who gave her life
All postcards from my private collection, last image promotional photo of current QUEEN MARY's webpage

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