Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Memory of my father

                               Santa Maria Postcard
                             Santa Maria at Funchal
                            Postcard of Vera Cruz
                         Vera Cruz at anchor
                       Twin sisters Santa Maria and Vera Cruz
                   Liner Funchal before delivery to her owners in 1961
                 Largest Portuguese Liner ever, Infante Dom Henrique
Liner Principe Perfeito leaving Lisbon in the late 60's historic photo given to me by my father over 40 years ago

This post is dedicated to my father who sadly passed away on the 17th of March, my passion for passenger ships started when I was five and my father, himself passionate about ships and the sea took me to Lisbon docks to watch Santa Maria, since then the liners above were part of my life and indeed my father's, who supported and followed me on this growing passion ever since, as a Chinese philosopher used to say "a photo is worth a thousand words" so there's eight thousand words above to keep alive memories that will never die. Photos and postcards of Santa Maria and Vera Cruz copyright Luis Miguel Correia


  1. I just want to express my most sincere condolences for the recent loss.
    Best Wishes,


  2. Thank you Joao

    Really appreciated