Friday, March 2, 2012

GRAND CELEBRATION in Funchal Madeira

The portuguese flagged cruise ship GRAND CELEBRATION underway in Funchal in the morning of the 11th November 2010. Imagens taken at the occasion of the ship's first visit in Madeira.
The GRAND CELEBRATION was one of the first purpose built ships for the now american cruise giants Carnival Cruise Lines. When launched in the late 80's she was simply knowned as CELEBRATION and was part of a 3 ship class along with her sisters the JUBILEE and the HOLIDAY.
In 2008 she was sent to Europe and transfered to one of Carnival's brands, owned by the Costa group, the Ibero Cruises. The following year her sister, the HOLIDAY, joined as well the Ibero fleet as GRAND HOLIDAY and now both operate mainly for the spanish market.
The JUBILEE instead was the first of that class to leave the Carnival fleet, as she was transfered to P&O Holidays as PACIFIC SUN for australian marketed cruising.


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