Thursday, January 19, 2012

PRINCESS DANAE - 2012 World Cruise

The 17,000 GT and 570 passenger PRINCESS DANAE has begun recently out of Marseilles a round the world cruise with the duration of 127 nights. The portuguese flagged cruise ship is currently chartered for the french market by the touristic operator Notre Temps.
Therefore PRINCESS DANAE visited Funchal this week on a westbound transatlantic to the Caribbean before making her way to the Pacific passing the Panama canal first.
Hard to believe but the ship's lower structure is at sea since the mid 50's, when she was built by Harland & Wolf shipyards and started operations as a refrigerated cargo ship named PORT MELBOURNE.
She was eventualy converted for passanger shipping and went through different changes before being purchased by portuguese owned Arcalia Shipping, nowadays knowned as Classic International Cruises.
Photographs taken at Funchal on the ship's call in New Year's Day. On the right side image, we can notice her previous name camouflaged with a roll of new paiting and her current designation.

© João Abreu

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