Monday, December 12, 2011


this post is about a very special liner, the "WILLEM RUYS". Built in 1947 for ROYAL ROTTERDAM LLOYD by "DE SCHELDE" Shipbuilding, the "WILLEM RUYS" departed on her maiden voyage on the 2sd December 1947, she was the flagship of RRL and was operated on the Dutch East Indies service, where she became a very popular fixture, she was as built 21.119 GRT and had a top speed of 22 knots, propelled by diesel engines, soon the number of passengers were to decrease due to Dutch Indies independence from the Netherlands in 1949, she was sold in 1964 to FLOTTA LAURO and renamed ACHILLE LAURO

 This opposite photo is a remarkable account of a landing card issued by the Port of Lisbon in 1964 during one of the last voyages of the ship as the "WILLEM RUYS"

All photos included in this post are copyright of the Royal Rotterdam Lloyd Museum

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