Friday, December 30, 2011

"INFANTE DOM HENRIQUE" becomes cruise ship "VASCO DA GAMA"

Further to the previous post, the neglected "INFANTE DOM HENRIQUE" was purchased in 1986 by Mr George Potamianos for cruising under his TRANS WORLD CRUISING, a Panamanian registered company, the ship was released from her basin at Sines and moved to Lisbon where she arrived early 1988 and I was there to greet her, she then went to Greece to begin her long process of being converted into full time cruising ship, she was in the meantime renamed "VASCO DA GAMA" a name carefully chosen by her new owner to comply with ship's tradition and heritage, she began her new role in 1989, when she returned to service she looked like a new ship and never looked more attractive in my opinion, shame the cargo masts had to be removed but apart from that she looked amazing

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