MS "VISTAFJORD" at Dover in 1997

M.S. "VISTAFJORD" is of course still sailing as the SAGA RUBY and is in my opinion one of the most graceful  passenger ships afloat. The vessel was built by SWAN HUNTER in the UK in 1973 to Norwegian America Line, she was sold to CUNARD LINE in 1983 but the original name was retained until 1999, eventually the name was changed to CARONIA, she had a very loyal passenger fan base who would not sail on a different ship, she has been greatly missed by CUNARD passengers, but cherished by SAGA CRUISES passengers these days, I just hope the ship will still remain in the cruise world for many years to come. Photos here included were taken at Dover on the 15th June 1997 and clearly shows her graceful lines, a joy to watch and photograph


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