Thursday, November 10, 2011

MS "FUNCHAL" one of my all time favourites

This post is about a very special ship for me, the M.S. "FUNCHAL", today almost an unique passenger ship. "FUNCHAL" was built in Denmark in 1961 and departed Lisbon on her maiden voyage to Funchal on the 4th of November 1961 so this beautiful ship is now 50 years old . The ship was used until 1973 on the Portugal to Madeira and Azores service, she was converted to cruising that same year, in 1985 she was bought by George Potamianos and since then has become one of the most talked about and happy ships to sail around the world with a legion of followers. So, what´s the secret of this success, according to the experts on the matter and particulary on the vessel, a very dedicated owner that loves the ship and keeps it updated, a strongly built vessel that is very economic to run. I have countless photos of the ship, sailed twice back in 1986 but really untouchable is the place in my heart. The ship is undergoing a massive refit and is due to resume service in Spring 2012. Photos taken in Lisbon in the late 80´s with the ship moving to her berth to collect passengers and depart on another cruise the following day

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