Saturday, October 15, 2011

P&O's superliner VENTURA in Funchal

VENTURA seen in Funchal during her maiden call. 13th May 2008
VENTURA was P&O's first superliner, the passenger ship to surpass the 100,000 GT in the company's history. She debuted in 2008 and was followed by a sister ship, the AZURA in 2010, both built in Fincantieri, Monfalcone yard in Trieste, Italy.
Here's some images of VENTURA in Funchal, taken through the years, in 2010 and 2011 and including of her maiden call in Madeira.
VENTURA with an unusual full brown painting in her funnel, 1st April 2010.
With the modern globalization of the cruise market, especially within the Carnival group, cruise liners are becoming more similar with each other, floating cities full of balconies, like this P&O superliner class, almost identical to Princess Grand and Crown ships.And it's just a shear example of this industry nowadays and what is to become in the future. What's the fun of identical cruise ships sailing the seven seas? Nothing special, just the enthusiasm to see and photograph these marvelous floating creatures, one of the most impressive constructions built by men. And of course to experience modern cruising at it's best!Text & Photos: © João Abreu, Funchal.


  1. In the past, liners were looked as a means of transport, most of the times to the beginning of a new life in a different Continent,they had character and personality, they represented nations, today the majority of cruise operators even struggle to name their ships, some very odd names on the market target passengers that want a vacation with a sea view and a minimum effort holiday, people that don`t necessary like ships, few existing liners don´t sell very well these days,they are looked as small and old, I am optimistic in terms of the future as far as elegance is concerned and there will always be ships for people like us ship lovers and photographers.... Great stuff, exquisite work

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