Friday, October 28, 2011

P & O "RIPON" transporting the GRENADIER GUARDS to the CRIMEAN WAR

This post is a very Historic one and would not be possible without the contribution of my Friend António Silva, keen follower of this blog, who sent me the postcard of the Paddlesteamer "RIPON". The ship was built for P&O in 1846 and was 1508 GRT, seen here in this remarkable postcard, the ship is leaving Southampton in 1854 with the "GRENADIER GUARDS" on board on their way to the CRIMEAN WAR. The GRENADIER GUARDS is an infantry regiment of the British Army and were founded in the 17th century, during the CRIMEAN WAR four of their members received the VICTORIA CROSS, the highest military decoration awarded for valour. "RIPON" was also famous when she brought the first hippopotamus to the UK in 1850. A very special thank you to Antonio Silva.

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