Friday, October 14, 2011


Seen here at Southampton in June 2000, is the former P & O CRUISES ship "ARCADIA", the ship was originally built as the SITMAR "FAIR MAJESTY", she was sold to PRINCESS CRUISES and renamed "STAR PRINCESS", the ship debuted in 1989. Between 1997 and 2003 she was transferred to P & O CRUISES sailing as the "ARCADIA", the vessel is today employed by P & O CRUISES AUSTRALIA and is named PACIFIC PEARL.


  1. Very nice and informative post. Keep up the good work.

  2. This Arcadia was our first taste of cruising in 1998. It was to be our one and only cruise. Unbeknown to us, it was a motoring themed cruise. We had unforgettable lectures from Stirling Moss, Murry Walker, Charles Morgan and others. We shared a table of 12, 11 passengers and the First Officer, now Captain Charlie Carr. We learned quite a lot about cruising from Charlie and the other passengers, for instance we found out what the SKI CLUB was ( spending your kids inheritance). On the way out of the Med, we were hit by two storms, one blowing us out of the Med, and one blowing up from the South Atlantic. The result was Arcadia bouncing about like a cork in a bucket. Waves were bouncing off the Bridge, all outer doors locked, lifts switched off and tables tipped over in the dining room spilling food over passengers. To make things worse, it was a Formal Night so some very glamorous gowns were ruined. However when we got home we sat and thought that if that is what the weather can throw at us and we can get through it, then we can carry on cruising. Since then we have cruised every year, sometimes twice. We have been to the Caribbean SIX times, done a half world 6 wk cruise , been to Australia twice all on P&O. We have met some fabulous people and continue to write to them, so you could say we enjoy cruising. We are booked to sail on Arcadia in Nov, another trip to the Caribbean. All of our cruises have been booked from Bolsover Cruise Club who started in our village of Bolsover, and who have looked after us and given us a great one to one service.