Thursday, October 13, 2011

P&O's ARCADIA in Funchal

P&O's Vista cruise ship ARCADIA seen in Funchal on a sunny 8th of July 2010 during a Canary Isles cruises.
The 4th passenger ship with the name in the centennary history of the fleet, entered service in 2005 and was inicially planned to became the 5th Holland America Vista class ship. During construction she changed owners twice, first for Cunard to be launched as their's QUEEN VICTORIA and finally to P&O displaying the final result.
As the main author of this blog Vítor once stated, she's really one of a kind! Her beautiful mast resembles of the last great liner QE2 and the funnel similar to QV's and the new QE only modified to P&O's style.Bellow is a video of the ship leaving her berth and "saying goodbye" to Madeira.

Text, Photos and Video: João Abreu-Madeira.

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  1. Hi João

    BEAUTIFUL post, well deserved for such a beautiful cruise ship

    Big hug from Chester