Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember the brilliant "TOPAZ"

This post is a tribute to a remarkably beautiful ocean liner, the "TOPAZ". The ship was built in 1956 by Fairfield Shipbuilding at Govan as the RMS EMPRESS OF BRITAIN", she was operated by Canadian Pacific Steamship on the Europe to Canada service. In 1964 the vessel was sold to Greek Line who renamed her QUEEN ANNA MARIA she was rebuild and employed on the Piraeus to New York service via Naples, she was laid up in Greece in 1975, since then she saw different owners, Carnival, Fiesta Maria Cruises and Epirotiki. In 1997 she was sold to Thompson Holidays, this cruise company named her the "TOPAZ", in 2003 she was chartered to Topaz International to sail as the Peace Boat, she was sold to Alang Breakers in 2008, the end of a truly amazing liner, photos here included shows the ship at Barcelona in 2001


  1. One of my all time favourite ships. I loved seeing her in these colours visiting Funchal on round Canary Isles cruises.
    A truly sad ending for such a fine ship and a true survivor of her time.

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Thanks João
    Yes she was amazing


  3. My dad did many trips on the Empress of Britain as a young crew member.
    He worked for Canadian Pacific for about ten years and sailed on many of their ships. Proper cruise ships.

  4. thanks for your comment Jon, she was an amazing ship

  5. I was on the Topaz in 1999 in the Med, we had two fires on board, Some passengers were so upset they flew home from Nice.

  6. This was a stunning ship and was filled with history. Such a shame shes gone. This ship was always full and had a great atmosphere.

  7. Great ship and great times,