Future generations will look back to the entry into service of the largest passenger liner ever built as a defining moment in the world´s maritime history, when QM2 entered service in January 2004 it was the start of a new era that continued the greatest traditions of sea traveling.The project QUEEN MARY 2 goes back to 1998 when CARNIVAL after acquiring CUNARD announced plans to undertake the design and development of a new class of transatlantic liner, one year later the general arrangement plans for the liner were completed. In 2000 a letter of intent was signed with ALSTOM shipyards in Saint-Nazaire, France, in 2002 the first sheet of steel for QM2 was cut.

In 2003, March the 21st the ship left the building dock for the first time and was moved to the fitting out basin, she was officially handed over from the yard to CUNARD on the 22sd December, QM2 arrived Southampton for the first time four days later and was named by Her Majesty the QUEEN on the 8th of January 2004. QM2 is a real liner, her mighty bow and hull were specially strengthened to meet turbulent conditions on the North Atlantic, I have already sailed on the ship back in 2006 on board there is a feeling of space, uncrowded decks, the ship has capacity for about 2500 passengers, other cruise ships the same size can carry nearly 4000, the ambiance on board is truly a follow up of the former transatlantic liners.

QM2 is a creation of man´s ingenuity to break ground on engineering and design, she is by far the most accomplished passenger ship built in the XXI century a unique masterpiece that cannot be compared with cruise ships, she embodies a heritage and a rich maritime history, the HISTORY OF THE OCEAN LINERS.
Photos included taken yesterday in Liverpool during the second visit of the ship, an historic moment in itself, there`s no place like Liverpool for the CUNARD LINE


  1. Looking at your fantastic photos, i can't wait to make my first photographs of the ship in Funchal on the next 2nd of November. It's her great return to Madeira after 6 years from her last visit.

    All the Best

  2. Hi João, thank you
    you know what, I can´t wait to see yours



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