"ADONIA" and "OCEANA", sailed together for P & O CRUISES between 2003 and 2005, they were known and advertised as the NEW WHITE SISTERS, they were both built in Italy by Fincantieri, "ADONIA" was the first to debut in 1998 as the SEA PRINCESS, operated by PRINCESS CRUISES, the "OCEANA" came into service two years later as the OCEAN PRINCESS. "OCEANA" was transferred to P & O in 2002, "ADONIA" one year later to fill the gap left by the former ARCADIA and the building of the new ship with the same name, when the new "ARCADIA" came into service in 2005, "ADONIA" went back to PRINCESS CRUISES and renamed SEA PRINCESS. Both ships are 77.000 GRT and have a top speed of just over 23 knots. Photos included are from 2008 taken in Lisbon, SEA PRINCESS and OCEANA


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