ORIANA on her 2010 World Cruise

P&O's master piece ORIANA underway in Funchal bay about to arrive in the breakwaters to her designated berth, on 26th September 2010.
Madeira was the first port of call of her late round the world cruise that ended in early December of that year.
ORIANA was designed and launched more than 15 years ago to be a sucessor of P&O's late CANBERRA, both in style and sophistication.
Nowadays she still looks modern and pretty, between these brand new floating mammoths, with a classic touch combining in her profile that makes ORIANA a true one of a kind cruise ship.
Funchal was her first ever port of call on her maiden voyage back in April 1995 and since then she's been visiting the "floating garden" numerous times every year, also a regular presence in the famous new year's eve gathering of cruise ships, much like her predecessor CANBERRA.


  1. Great post and pics, well deserved for this beautiful ship

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