Saturday, September 17, 2011

MELODY and BOUDICCA in Funchal

On a warm morning of 23th June 2011 arrived at Funchal's breakwaters the Fred Olsen's BOUDICCA and MSC's MELODY.
It's hard to believe that MELODY is almost 10 years younger than BOUDICCA. The last of the MSC classic fleet, delivered in 1982 has the looks of a 60's ship meanwhile the Fred Olsen's cruise liner of 1973 features a modern profile more fitting of a 80's vessel. BOUDICCA and her two sister ships were considered advanced for her time of built, extravagant and different looking , they were ranked amonst the best luxurious ships in the World.With the actual standarts of the cruise industry, nowadays they don't look so modern and different instead they are seen today as elegant and true classic ships, a more soft option for cruising.

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