Friday, September 16, 2011

DISCOVERY of 1972 in Funchal

The 20,186 GT and 698 passenger DISCOVERY seen in Funchal's bay on 22th November 2010 during a transatlantic positional cruise to South America.As this classic cruise ship passes by the 138,000 GT modern giant MSC FANTASIA we can clearly notice how the industry has evoluted throught the times both in design and size.The DISCOVERY was built in Germany as a pair of two sisterships ordered by Flagship Cruises and entered service in 1972 as ISLAND VENTURE.
She later sailed for Princess Cruises as ISLAND PRINCESS along with her sistership PACIFIC PRINCESS, most notably famous for her role in the Love Boat TV series, and as HYUNDAI PUNGAK for south korean interests. Finally she was sold to Voyages of Discovery renamed DISCOVERY, sailing the european waters in the summer and South America and the Indian Ocean in the winter season.


  1. Hi João

    I always admired these twin ships, their lines are close to perfection, I have seen hundreds of photos of this ship, but these here rank amongst the best, once again praise for your excellent dedicated work, also interesting to note how ship building evolved


  2. They have unique features only slightly similar, in my opinion, to the NCL "ward" ships and P&O's former SPIRIT OF LONDON all built at about the same time.