Cruise ship "TARAS SHEVCHENKO" at Civitavecchia in 1994

We travel back in time in this post to the year of 1994, I was cruising on the AIRTOURS cruise ship "CAROUSEL", during our stop at the Roman port of Civitavecchia, the "TARAS SHEVCHENKO" was also in port. The ship was built in 1967 by V.E.B. MATHIAS-THESEN in East Germany and operated by BLACK SEA SHIPPING she was used for cruising until 1987 the year she was chartered to JAHN REISEN for a period of 5 years, during this charter the SOVIET UNION broke up so she was handed over to Ukraine. In 1995 with the end of JAHN REISEN the ship was transferred to BLASCO UK, she was eventually sold to another Ukraine-based company, OCEAN AGENCIES, due to financial problems of this firm, the ship was laid up until 2003, one year later ANTARKTIKA tried to use her for cruising without any results so the ship was sold for scrap in 2004. Photo June 2004


  1. i had a 5 week cruise on this ship in 1974, soton -sydney,,i was a meer ratlet then,,,but great memorys! i think i was about 6-7 ish,,those russian room maids mmmmm


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