"AQUITANIA", one of my favourite ships of all time

The impressive "AQUITANIA" was built in 1914 by JOHN BROWN at Clydebank she was 45.647 GT and had a service speed of 23.5 knots, when she was built she considered CUNARD´s greatest dream and she was commonly known as the "ship beautiful" and she really was, she is still to this day one of the longest serving ships in CUNARD´s history she sailed over 3 million miles and carried over 1 million passengers. "AQUITANIA" survived the two World wars as an hospital and also as a troopship, she was withdrawn from service in 1950 to be broken up on the Clyde, one of her bells was placed on board QE2 in 1969. One of the greatest pages in terms of Ocean Liners´s History, included in this post a video depicting the life of the vessel, postcard, AQUITANIA in Liverpool during the 20´s and as a troopship, from my private collection


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