The Amazing portuguese liner "PRINCIPE PERFEITO"

I have created a post about PRINCIPE PERFEITO on my " a life sailing cruise ferries blog", but here that´s where she really belongs, the photo included is about 43 years old and shows this incredible liner departing from Lisbon in the late 60´s, at first I didn´t even know how old this picture was but with the help of my long term Friend Luis Miguel Correia, we now know that the photo is from the late 60´s because she already has cargo mast and booms painted white, also the tug ATOMO of 1965 is assisting her at the bow and the ship NEVASA is seen at the Pocha Passenger Terminal, together with the Portuguese UIGE and the BI ship only started her educational cruises in 1965. Going back to PRINCIPE, she was built here in the UK and delivered to the Portuguese COMPANHIA NACIONAL DE NAVEGAÇÃO in 1961, she was 19.393 GT and had a cruising speed of 20 knots, the vessel was operated on the Lisbon/Mozambique route, due to political instability in Portugal and its former colonies the ship was laid up at Lisbon in 1975, she was sold in 1976 to GLOBAL TRANSPORTATION INCORPORATED and renamed AL HASA. In 1980 the ship was sold to SITMAR LINE and renamed FAIRSKY but was never converted into a cruise ship because the company decided to build a new FAIRSKY so the PRINCIPE was once again renamed VERA and sold to BLINDER MARINE CORPORATION in 1982 to become MARIANNA IX she served as an accommodation ship until being laid up at Eleusis in Greece and sold eventually to scrap at Alang in 2001. When we read about the ship´s history we can realize that this well under rated beauty could still be with us, her active life as an ocean going ship was not that long and with a proper rebuild PRINCIPE PERFEITO could still be here


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