Friday, June 17, 2011


The specific details of the difference between a cruise ship and a liner I leave it for the historians, one brief comment only to mention that until 1958 the liners were the only way to travel, voyages would take weeks sometimes, every nation would compete with each other for the building of the biggest, fastest, most luxurious liner in the world, then came the airplanes and distance between two destinations were counted in hours not in days and of course all changed, cruising was the new role for some of the liners, with evolution of time and commecial globalization ships today are built bigger than ever with some of them looking like blocks of flats with a sea view, there are exceptions of course, I will try along the way to show them, two images of a cruise ship, the brand new CUNARDER QUEEN ELIZABETH and an historic legendary ship, the liner known worldwide as the QE2

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